#3135 pkgs git repo doesn't allow deleting one off branches
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<halfline> jkeating: hey any idea why i get (hook declined) when trying to delete rstrode/wip/just-for-airlied branch of gnome-shell (in fedora)
<halfline> (or should i ask #fedora-admin)
<jkeating> halfline: probably because the Fedora ACLs weren't setup to allow branch deletion. Easy enough to fix, it just hasn't come up yet
<halfline> jkeating: is the acl thing something you can fix straight away? or should i file a trac ticket or something along those lines ?
<jkeating> I'd suggest a trac ticket. I haven't touched that system in that way in a while, and it may require some code modification since the ACLs are generated via cron
<jkeating> well the trac ticket to allow branch deletion. Also a trac ticket to request that particular branch be whacked in the short term
<halfline> k, sounds good
<halfline> i don't need a short term fix
<halfline> it's not like the branch is hurting anything

ugh sorry about the lack of newlines, I guess trac strips them.

jkeating points out that right now we don't enforce the requirement that official builds come from official branches, so allowing deleting branches could complicate the audit trail back to source.

A couple thoughts:

1) we should probably require official builds to come from official branches
2) koji should probably tag the git repo whenever it does a successful build. that would prevent "important" hashes from getting GCd
3) we should disallow custom branches, since they don't seem to be that popular of a featurea anyway.

FESCo and/or rel-eng might want to weigh in here...

Adding Dennis for comment.

I'm closing this in favor of:


Interested parties can weigh in there.

The short summary is:

We don't have a way to tell what branches official builds are made from, so therefore we don't allow them to be deleted. However, the current plan is to put a pagure in front of dist-git which will allow people to have forks, and they can do their work there and merge changes into official branches in dist-git, so there's hopefully no need for this anymore once pagure lands there.

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