#310 Transifex error for Polish submission
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by raven.

When I'm trying to commit sth, it shows me this error:

500 Internal error

The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.

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Piotr, which module, language?

This seems to be specific to Polish. Probably a Unicode issue. Piotr, can you please attach the PO file you are trying to submit on the ticket?

Updated translatio of s-c-rootpassword

Updated translation of s-c-rootpassword


Oops, attached twice. Sorry.

Gotcha! Problem spotted. It's an issue with your name having Unicode characters (Drąg). Apparently we aren't handling the committer's name and the commit msg properly in terms of Unicode.

Interesting fact: Transifex instance on publictest5 worked. (Until URLs to VCSes were changed of course)

Now I do not get error 500, instead I get no reply from server (timeout). I have tried translate.f.p.o and publictest5, too.[[BR]]
I think this is the same problem for me (submitting Slovak translations never succeeded for me).
Thanks for quick resolving ;-)

Does the same problem happen when "Skip diff preview" is checked?

Yes, the same error (500) in both cases.

Updated Slovak translation of pirut, which never commits successfully

palos: Does your name in the Fedora Account system or the commit message contain unicode characters?

Yes, my surname is Šimo, as can be seen in the attached pirut.sk.po file.

Pushed an update (0.1.1), supposedly fixing this -- adding mmcgrath as CC to let us know when he's pushing the update to the servers, so we can test and close the bug report.

Tickets #317 and #349 seems to be duplicates of this bug.

OK, we've packaged the updated Transifex and gotten it updated on the server now. Originally, we were still getting some UnicodeEncodeErrors, but Toshio found the right SQLObject setting to fix :) (I also disabled logging the full diffs, since those were causing problems from before). Anyway, this should be fixed now (see the latest commit at https://translate.fedoraproject.org/submit/module/fedora-web).

By the way, I pulled the latest update from http://glezos.fedorapeople.org/transifex/transifex-0.1.1.tar.gz, but is that in the hg repo yet? I ended up poking around a bit to find it.

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