#309 Asterisk recording
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It would be ice to get some asterisk recording. jsmith says its possible and suggests looking in his book:
11:31 < jsmith> Anyway, look at the Monitor() and MixMonitor() applications
11:32 < jsmith> (in appendix B)

More topics:

11:33 < jsmith> In short, Monitor() records the call to two files... one for outbound audio, and one for inbound audio.
11:33 < jsmith> MixMonitor() does the same, but mixes the two audio streams in to a single file, with inbound and outbound as the left and right channels.

Jared and Jeff are currently working on the recording piece. Ian is working on a web application that presents a UI for starting and stopping recording.

Fedora Talk has been closed out as of 2011-05-05.

Closing this ticket as well. In the event it's revived, we can reopen this ticket at that time.

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