#3084 PHX2 onsite tasks: 2012-02-01 thru 2012-02-03
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Dennis is going to be out on site in phx2 2012-02-01 thru 2012-02-03.

This ticket is to list and track the items we need done there.

List in no particular priority order:

  • Unrack and move powered off/out of warnentee machines to the qa rack (47) to become junk boxes. Make sure serial/mgmt/net works on them all.

  • Backup somewhere and re-install sign-vault01 as rhel6.

  • Possibly derack and decommision backup01 if we can get all backups off it by then.

  • Possibly upgrade mgmt and/or bioses on boxes.

  • Check any machines we don't have serial/power/mgmt listed for and find them.

  • We want to upgrade the firmware in the equilogic storage units.
    This will require an OUTAGE.

we got a lot of this done:

junk06, junk07, junk08, junk09 are in rack47 and ready to be used for testing.

backup01 is now reinstalled as sign-vault02.

Equalogic units firmware is updated.

We fixed up junk04 as well that we couldn't get to before.

A new ppc box was setup for the secondary arch ppc folks.

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