#3072 Update wiki pages about admin.fp.o and Fedora Services
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= phenomenon =
https://admin.fedoraproject.org/ redirects to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/IndexAdmin which is supposed to contain Fedora Infrastructure pieces, but https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Services has the same job. Also there are lots of services not listed in services pages.

= implementation recommendation =
Move "Officers" and "Donations" to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure.

Redirect admin.fp.o to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Services and add the services below to services page:

group A, actual services: accounts, mailman, community, voting, pkgdb, pkgs, raffle, bodhi, koji, ask, wiki. (anything else?)

group B, monitoring/infrastructure around them: nagios/nagios-external, pager, fingerprints, collectd, awstats, mirrormanager, smolt, puppet. (anything else?)

Also explain the role of admin.fp.o/ca/* and admin.fp.o/ssh_known_hosts somewhere.

P.S: perhaps we should distinct fedora maintained services, like FAS, from those that we just use, like nagios. Also we can divide them into web services and others, like smolt.

I'm quite sure there is a better way, any idea?

Patch to redirect admin.fp.o to wiki/Infrastructure instead of wiki/IndexAdmin

ok, where are we here? Just changing the redirect?

we have currently:


which is a wiki redirect to:


Do we want it to go there?
Or to:

Or should we merge Infrastructure in with the Fedora_Infrastructure_administration_homepage one.


I think redirecting to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Services as in the original post makes more sense.

Merging Fedora_Infrastructure_administration_homepage with other pages also makes sense. It's a wiki so the merging and updating of services could be done by anyone.

Where are we on this? All done?

Patch to redirect admin.fp.o to wiki/Infrastructure/Services instead of wiki/IndexAdmin

No, admin.fedoraproject.org should be redirected to wiki/Infrastructure or wiki/Infrastructure/Services.[[BR]]

I've already attached the patch to redirect it to wiki/Infrastructure and I'm going to attach another patch that redirects it to wiki/Infrastructure/Services in few minutes. Either one of them should be applied. Someone should decide, I don't have the access to apply it.[[BR]]

And about the wiki/Infrastructure/Services page, I think owner or operator of each service (or someone who has the most accurate information) fill out each service's information. I have no clue what's the difference between bodhi and koji and pkgdb, for instance!

Commited. ;)

Now, we need to update the services page... I can work on doing that I guess.

ok. I updated the services page with everything I could think of.

Anything I missed? Any better ways to organize it?

I'm going to close this now. Please re-open if there's further action.

thanks for all the work on it mahrud.

Thanks. Sorry I didn't see it yesterday, I think that's pretty much it! [[BR]]

No problem, sorry I didn't finish it myself.

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