#3049 FedoraHosted FAQ: Add Q/A about deleting release files
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by kparal.

= phenomenon =
Please add an answer here:
for the question "How can I delete archive releases?"

= reason =
<kparal> how can I delete files from https://fedorahosted.org/released/autoqa/ ?
<sgallagh> kparal: Unless it's for legal reasons, you shouldn't.
<sgallagh> kparal: Why do you need to?
<kparal> sgallagh: just curious, because I copied empty 'foo' file there while experimenting. I can also need it when upload is corrupted or whatnot. can we add this question to FAQ? I think people may ask it pretty frequently
<sgallagh> I thought it was already there.
<sgallagh> Don't experiment with "releases", it's intentionally write-only.
<kparal> I don't see it there: https://fedorahosted.org/web/en/faq
<sgallagh> Or, rather, you don't have delete permission, only sysadmin-hosted does
<kparal> sgallagh: where do you see those sentences?
<sgallagh> kparal: I don't, I wasn't quoting
<sgallagh> But you're right, that should be added.
<kparal> sgallagh: should I file a ticket?
<sgallagh> I don't appear to have privilege to edit that page, however. So you'll have to wait until someone from -main or -web appears.
<sgallagh> Or that, yes

Added a faq entry. Should go live next hour. ;)

Thanks for the suggestion.

Hey Kevin, I still don't see it there.

Thanks for checking on it. ;) Turns out the cron job that creates the site was failing and we didn't realize it. ;)

It's been fixed now to work.
I've also fixed it to mail us errors.
and the section is now in the FAQ.

Please re-open if you spot any problems or issues with it.
Thanks again.

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