#2880 Wiki hides editability frequently for logged-in user
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= phenomenon =

While the wiki at fedoraproject.org/wiki seems to remember that i am logged in and displays my username in the upper right region of the page, it seems 1 out of every 8 page loads, the 'edit' tab and 'edit' links on the subsection of pages completely disappear. This makes it really hard to edit the wiki, obviously. If I add a '?edit' to the end of the wiki URL, sometimes it forces it into coming back to its senses, but not always.

Once after submitting an edit, I got a page saying my user was not in a group with permissions to edit the page. It said I was not in the Users or Administrators group.

= reason =

I wish I knew.

= recommendation =

A fix? :)

Just a note -- a common problem that causes a user to be "logged out" is following a link that connects to the wiki over http, not https -- user authentication is only accepted over https.

That, however, does not the last paragraph where you got the "not in Users or Administrators group" error.

Sigh, i attached the screenshot to the wrong ticket https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/attachment/ticket/2881/Screenshot-20.png

The links I'm following are within the wiki itself.... and they are internal refs (e.g., [[Foobar/Baz | blahblah]]

It's doing it right now and the URL bar reads


here's the administrators / users error message

this is still a problem; it just happened to me again.

Hi, this issue has a really bad impact here. Has anyone had time to look at it? I'm right now trying to update content on the wiki, reloading and reloading the page, I'm completely logged in, yet all of the edit and upload controls are gone.

I am also experiencing the same. Then I use the section parameter in the URL to access to the exact topic and edit it :). I am thinking about the reason too but not yet possible to figure it out.

Sorry, will try and get some traction here...

a workaround is to just click the 'view source' tab. If you are logged in this will send you to the edit page, even if it doesn't say it's the edit page.

Hi Kevin, is there any workaround for uploading a new version of a file / media? I had to delete it and re-create it, but most users don't have delete access.

Sadly, not sure of a workaround on file upload. ;(

I'm no good with css, but will try and figure this out or find someone who can.

any takers on the websites list? ;)

I can't get those "edit" links under epiphany.
But I have them after a reload under Firefox.
I can't find it related to CSS nor JS or cookies.
Last update broke it… Are we the only wiki concerned??

Can we please fix this bug? It's still happening and it's really killing folks' productivity.

From reading the notes, I have some confusion.

Is this occurring on all browsers or just FF?
What FF version are you using?
Does it work using other browsers (Chrome, Opera, etc)?

Hi Sijis, i have firefox-7.0.1-3.fc16.x86_64 but this happened in firefox in f15 as well. I will try to reproduce in chromium now...

I don't seem able to reproduce the missing edit link in Chromium.

I did some more digging (man does mediawiki have a lot of bugs in their bug tracker. ;( )

This might be a bug in the Lockdown plugin we are using.

which was fixed in the trunk lockdown, but not backported to the 1.16.5 one, and our package wasn't patched for it.
See also: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2833 where we worked around this bug, but I don't think in quite the right way.

So, I'm going to try and:
- revert our hotfix above.
- upgrade the lockdown plugin to one with the patch listed in the bug.

I'm going to try that out in staging first, hopefully I can get the bug to show up there then see if this fixes it.
Sorry this has persisted so long.

Reproduceable in Chrome.

Can any of you get this to happen in stg?

ie, http://stg.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Project_Wiki

I can't seem to get it to happen there. ;(
I guess I can try the above and see if it continues working in stg, then push to prod.

ok. I have reverted our hotfix to User.php and added a fix to the Lockdown module.

Can you all try and see if you can get it to happen again now, or if it's fixed?

I was having this issue anytime I logged in. Logged in just now multiple times with no problems.

Replying to [comment:21 toshio]:

I was having this issue anytime I logged in. Logged in just now multiple times with no problems.

thanks Kevin, good catch :)

I'm going to close this one now, reopen if you see it happening again.

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