#2879 FUDCon Website - Hosting required
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Project Sponsor

Name: Rahul Sundaram
Fedora Account Name: sundaram
Group: TBD
Infrastructure Sponsor: TBD

Secondary Contact info

Name: Saleem Ansari
Fedora Account Name: tuxdna
Group: TBD

Project Info

Project Name: FUDCon Website
Target Audience: Fedora Community and the general audience
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 6th of November 2011
We ( FUDCon India 2011 team ) has planned to host a website
for FUDCon. I am leading the efforts for the same.

Project plan (Detailed):

The FUDCon website is a gateway for the speakers/participants/sponsors
which essentially provides following information:
* What is FUDCon? - past, present, some photographs
* Date, Time of event
* Vene - How to reach?

Talks selection based on user voting and automatic scheduling of talks
* 4 Parallel tracks

* Host a development instance to build up stuff.
* Create a theme for Drupal 6
* Integrate FAS
* Add content for Talks, Speakers, Scheduling
* Add FUDCon and FAD related blog posts ( Stories etc. )

Same as above.

Specific resources needed:
A domain name: fudcon.fedoraproject.org
A database: MySQL / Postgres
Hosting space

Additional Info (Optional)

Please see https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/2838

We have setup a site for static pages only until longer term measures are available. Please work with the websites team to populate the content there.

fedora-websites or the websites mailing list. (Or the other above ticket).

Hello Kevin,

This is a great news :)

Thanks for updating.



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