#2848 Restore cla_done requirement for designteam, gitfedora-ux

Created 5 years ago by ianweller

(reference: http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/design-team/2011-June/004525.html)

The Design Team wishes to have everyone who is not in the cla_done group removed from these groups and have future group members sign the FPCA in order to be added:

  • designteam
  • gitfedora-ux

Done. The following people were removed from the designteam and gitfedora-ux groups:

bdubrovsky champakdutta chanduc00l chregu dianam diego88 edugeek76 empoweringlinux fabsh fedoradistribution fesouzamatos hanarisaito indosoft inferno josejmj008 kybaker marcstewart n09 nacomas naveedahmad nitesh paul96 polettin pranit707 rekkid rrivera ryanlerch ryanmperera shirish90 shreyansh subi themixer911 tsshrikrishna tw2113

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