#2834 RFR: Zanata instance

Created 5 years ago by rlandmann

= Project Sponsor =

Project Team (FAS Names): rlandmann, mgrigull, runab [[BR]] Infrastructure Sponsor: rlandmann

= Project Info =

Project Name: Zanata[[BR]] Target Audience: Fedora translators[[BR]] Expiration/Delivery Date: 18 December 2011[[BR]] Description/Summary:Zanata is a web-based system for translators to translate documentation and software online using a web-browser. Project page: http://zanata.org/ [[BR]] Project plan:[[BR]] * Package and deploy Zanata on a test server * Identify a group of documentation and software packages to host * Recruit a group of translators to contribute translations through Zanata * Obtain feedback from translators and documentation/software maintainers about the usability of Zanata Goals: Proof-of-concept to demonstrate and test a web-based translation interface running on Fedora infrastructure [[BR]]

= Specific Resources Needed = Processor cores: 1[[BR]] RAM: 2GB[[BR]] database: mysql 5.0+[[BR]] OS: RHEL 5.5+[[BR]] disk space (estimated): 80GB (mostly for database)[[BR]] data transfer (estimated): 100GB in, 100GB out

Closing this now after discussion with infra-list; not needed.

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