#2717 RFR - Insight Team
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by averi.

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  • Project Team (FAS Names): averi, pfrields
  • Infrastructure Sponsor: Stephen John Smoogen (smooge)

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So, this is for a insight.dev instance?

We do already have the stg instance, will that work for this need?
Also, there is publictest09 I suppose for more radical testing?

We were fine with the pt09 box and same applies to the stg one. We just need an el6 machine (FAS-auth based and not FakeFAS) with mysql and root access.

As a side note, we can't keep the pt09 box forever and that's why the RFR has been filed :)

ok. I have created a insight01.dev instance for you guys.

Also, have created a sysadmin-insight group that has access/sudo to insight01.dev and insight01.stg instances.

Can you let me know when you no longer need publictest09?

Also, let me know if this doesn't meet your needs or won't work for some reason, or could be simplified. :)

sure, will ping you as soon as the migration will be done, so that you can safely remove the pt09 box.

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