#2693 Move FWN and login links off the primary links area
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by pfrields.

= phenomenon =
The primary links are oriented around content, whereas to be more like the rest of Fedora's sites, they should contain more general links. Also the "Log in" link is not where users would expect from experience on many other sites, so it's easy to miss.

= reason =
Menus need to be reconfigured and possibly some blocks added to contain them.

= recommendation =
* Make an "Insight highlights" area that includes news, beats, and login links.
* Use the primary links area for Insight Home, News, Download Fedora, Contribute, and About this Site

To generate highlights area:
* Create two menus, "Highlights (anon)" and "Highlights (auth)"
* In both menus, include fwn and fwn/beat entries
* in (anon) menu, include the log in node /user
* Place both menus in the sidebar blocks list
* Change the name of both menus in the blocks list to "Insight highlights"
* Set the (anon) menu to appear only for anonymous users
* Set the (auth) menu to appear only for everyone else

Generating new ticket for Primary links request

This is currently fixed on the dev host. Please visit the front page to try it out, logging out and logging in to see the difference:


However, ran into a separate problem -- this can't all be exported through Features. Blocks are not manageable through the Features module currently. This module might help: http://drupal.org/project/features_extra

insight is discontinued.

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