#2605 tx.net migration
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This is a tracking ticket for everything related to migrating our transifex install to tx.net.

String freeze is Feb 15 -- this is when everything needs to be ready for translators. We could delay it for 1 week if needed.

Translation deadline is Mar 15 -- this is when developers should be using the new service.

Could we think into make translate.fp.o something like a repository for translation memories shared by our translators? Something like sourcing Poedit or virtaal to remotely shared TMX, was suggested some time ago by Domingo Becker. I'm using [http://www.tausdata.org/blog/2010/08/everyones-sharing-translations/] to query into already shared TM but they are not specific to Fedora or FLOSS and are useless sometimes. Google renders sometimes nonsensical and overliteral "translations" (i wonder how a translator could base his work mainly in that source).

I wonder if maybe a bunch of git repositories could help us to collect that data from our own translators. I have no idea how that could be used in our applications, but i'll point here to any discovery i can get to.

I hope this don't shape too much off-topic. I can fill another ticket for this subtopic if you think is better.

Full roadmap is now available at:

30 teams already created by respective team leaders:

Minor update: 41 teams already created.

Where are we here now?

When should we look at taking down our transifex.fedoraproject.org instance?

I hope everything is over and running smoothly now.

I'd like to take down transifex.fedoraproject.org soon as I think it's just going to cause confusion and is taking up resources moving forward.

Please let me know soon if there's some reason to keep things up for longer.

We should take a good backup of the data before bringing it down, since we'll probably use them somehow. The PO files themselves aren't really useful, since they already exist in VCSs.

I'm not sure if a wget -m will suffice, but it's definitely a nice-to-have.

Would a dump of the database suffice? I don't think any private information is stored in the transifex db, so it wouldn't be difficult to arrange to get a copy of that.

We still have the db around and other data. Please let us know if you need any of it.

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