#2563 upgrade MediaWiki to 1.16
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!MediaWiki 1.14 is old, no longer supported, and has security issues.

Proposed implementation:

  • Create mediawiki116-* packages for the extensions we (plan to) use. !MediaWiki extensions are different based on the version of !MediaWiki so this is how we need to do things (a shared extension repo won't work because newer versions require stuff in newer versions of MW).
  • Install a clone of our wiki on a testing machine (or use staging), switch to the mediawiki116* packages, and test upgrading the database.

Any update on that?

We are stalled on wiki... Need to get things going :)

If anyone has begun working on this, MediaWiki 1.16.2 was announced yesterday, which fixes a few security issues that arose with 1.16.1 or prior.

For more info on this, please see the announcement on the MediaWiki-announce mailing list at the following URL:


Can we please move forward with this, because many changes on the wiki depend on that.

We are willing (FAmSCo) to help whichever way possible to get this going.

Looking at puppet, we use:


We already have packaged mediawiki116-Cite and mediawik116-ParserFunctions.

So, I guess we need the rest packaged up? Or are some of those available in base 116 now?

Also, down the road the app servers will need to move to rhel6.
How does this fit into that? Just make sure all the same ones are available there?

It has been close to 6 months now, and we need to move forward with this. As FAmSCo we either have an ETA for that or start looking for alternatives outside our infra.


Out of curiosity, what is FAmSCo blocking on that requires a newer mediawiki version?

I'm going to start pinging maintainers for the plugins today.

I have the update prepared now. We just need to schedule an outage to perform it. The outage should last for shorter than an hour.

Outage scheduled for 2011-06-13 18:00 UTC.

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