#2533 Zodbot at #fedora-el and permissions
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by ppapadeas.

= phenomenon =
Zodbot is not present in #fedora-el.
We cannot change the channels topic

= background analysis =

= implementation recommendation =
Tell zodbot to join fedora-el.
Give liknus (Pierros Papadeas) permissions to change channel's topic.

These seem to be two seperate issues. ;)

  1. We could add zodbot there if you like, thats easy to do.

  2. We need one of the people listed in the channel access list to either:
    a) add you to the access list, so you can op yourself and change the topic.
    b) change the default channel mode to not lock the topic, so anyone (including zodbot) could change the topic. ;)

The channel access list is: spot and glezos, so we need to get one of them to add you or change the topic lock.

Ok :)

  1. On the first one please, do add zodbot

  2. Ok I will speak to Dimitris (glezos) on that. (Hopefully he knows how to do that)

Thanks Kevin!

ok, zodbot should be there.

I'm going to close this now... if you can't get a hold of glezos, or if there's anything further we can do for you, feel free to re-open or file a new ticket.

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