#2532 staging mount points
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= problem =

Staging systems currently try to mount the same partitions as their production systems. It would be nice to move them to either allow those mounts or create their own partitions that they are allowed to mount so that various services will be 1:1

= analysis =

= enhancement recommendation =

I guess I'd prefer to go with having their own partitions. It's probably worth thinking a bit more about how we do staging in puppet. Perhaps we could move the mountpoints into variables instead of having ugly conditionals on $environment everywhere.

Somewhat on a tangent, but the extlookup function in puppet is great for this sort of task. It's officially part of puppet 2.6, but is available as an addon for older releases. What it allows you to do is easily set variables for different domains, hosts, environments, etc, without having that sort of system-specific code in your manifests.

I've been using this for a while now at $WORK and it's helped me to clean a lot of cruft from my manifests (making it easier to copy them to new systems without having to clean out passwords and other stuff first).

Something like:

$extlookup_precedence = [

should work.

The documentation is at http://docs.puppetlabs.com/references/latest/function.html#extlookup

Has this been completed? I see mounts there now... but not sure if all of them are done.

This is finally all done. we have /vol/fedora_app_staging thats a copy of the /vol/fedora/app. We can ask for it to get refreshed from prod whenever we like.

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