#2531 DB03 update
Closed: Fixed None Opened 10 years ago by smooge.

= problem =

Currently db03's puppet jobs are expecting the system to have postgresql84 installed while 8.3 is what running. We need to dump, update, and reload the system in a similar way as db02 was done in 2010.

= analysis =

= enhancement recommendation =

the plan:
1. get bvirthost01 'right'
2. setup db03-el6 on bvirthost01
3. dump db from db03 onto db03-el6
4. see if anything explodes
5. schedule koji outage
6. rename db03-el6 to db03
7. see if anything else explodes
8. finish koji outage

When would be a good time to do this?

Between Beta and Final F15? Or after F15 release?

Any idea how long the build outage might be?

we are likely looking at 3-4 hours. best might be once we declare beta gold but before we release it

ok, so sometime around april 13-15th?

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