#25 db1 upgrade
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The outage will begin tonight at 2007-07-10 03:00 UTC. See: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-devel-announce/2007-July/msg00000.html For more infromation.

Ok, the upgrade went off fairly well. We lost some accounting data (my fault). Here's whats left
1) Wait a week for db2 so we know its fine
2) I have a few databases left on db1 that I don't think are in use. I'll be sending those to the list soon for verification. If we're not I'll archive and zip them up. They were not migrated to the new box.
3) upgrade db1
4) move mysql services back to db1 (it has less ram then db2. postgresql is hit much heavier so it gets more processors and ram.
5) Setup a sync from each db to the other. I'd think 4 times / day would be enough, maybe 2 or 3. We'll have to see how much resources it actually takes.

We're in good shape with this, db2 is done, db1 is rebuilt. Backups are working. Puppet configs are working. Right now db2 is only running postgresql, db1 is only running mysql. Both servers are backing eachothers mysql up. All that is left is the postgres backups, and an SOP.

This is finally actually truely done. The servers are replicating to eachother, and db1 is dedicated to mysql, db2 dedicated to postgres.

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