#2497 Need blog for Fedora Board members
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= problem =

The Fedora project Board sometimes make blog posts on Board happenings but the posts are scattered across different Board members' personal blogs.

= analysis =

We thought it might be nice to have a shared blog on the Fedora blog server where we could all log in from and post so the content is hosted with Fedora and Board membership can be managed.

= enhancement recommendation =

I know FAS doesn't allow creation of blogs per FAS group, so it's okay to manually add/remove board members to a shared blog at this point.

I created the blog "board". Full address is http://blogs.fedoraproject.org/wp/board

I was only able to add the following board members as Admins:

It seems that unless a user has created a personal blog, they can't be added to another blog.

Replying to [comment:1 sijis]:

It seems that unless a user has created a personal blog, they can't be added to another blog.


Hi Sijis,

Spot & jreznik logged in - they have to create a personal blog as well or is it enough to log in?


I just added spot and jreznik. Looks like just logging in does the trick.

I'm just speculating but its seems because WP needs to copy that username to the db so it can reference it.

Howdy, not going to bike shed this in the least, just wanted to make others here aware of a potentially alternative way of accomplishing the goal (or near accomplishment.)

Fedora Planet can support sub-directories that, with individual users able to add themselves similar to how the regular planet works. For example, here is the Fedora Summer Coding group:


A user is added by creating a ~/.planet.summer-coding file. We requested that students (in this case) use a specific tagged feed so they were only pushing content relevant to the Summer Coding program. Here is how mine appeared:

cat .planet.summer-coding
name = Karsten Wade
face = http://quaid.fedorapeople.org/media/images/quaid_saskia-SCALE8x-96x96.png

Anyway, I see the clear advantage to a controlled-members blog for the Board, although simply requesting others to not add themselves to the planet group should suffice for this community. :) You might consider this idea for other group-blogs. It accomplishes a goal of getting things under the Fedora brand by having people add a step (use special tag or category).


Hi Karsten,

Thanks! The problem is we want to be able to have centralized archives of previous discussions/announcements and a separate planet feed wouldn't be able to do that.

I logged in (and have a blog there already)

as a note, you all been added as admins to your blog, so you should be able to add/remove members as needed. This can be restricted to certain individuals if necessary.

Hi - I think this is done now, so closing. Feel free to reopen if I'm mistaken.

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