#2495 Fedora Based Groupware Distribution

Created 6 years ago by cnoffsin
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Project name: Fedora Alliance

Project short summary: An effort to create a collaboration solution that is lightweight on resource use, communicates using Open Standards. A solution that is data-centric and not application-bound. Each piece of the tool set must be integrated as a single suite, simultaneously accessible to mobile and static computing devices.

(Slideshow attached to ticket with detailed description)

Separated Into Layers:
Server Backend: Based on Open standards

Web Interface: Webmail/Calendaring/Chat

Standalone Applications: Because of the open-standard backend any app can be used but we want to have Thunderbird/lightning/(chat client has not been decided) be deployable to all three major platforms, from the server with as much of the configuration done. Prefferably the only thing for the user to do is enter username and password.

Sync Services: Caldav/Carddav/IMAP push sync for the three major smartphones Android/Iphone/Blackberry

Ease of Installation: Would like the installer to be text-based from a kickstart postinstall script on a base install. Presumably when done users would just need to be created in the directory service (Freeipa)

I would like this to end up being a spin that can be installed from a command-line and admined in the respective web-panels and user data in the directory server.

I have already done testing with Davical and had good results. The developers are very helpful and they are readily available in irc. I have support from a good number of Red Hat employees with many already being involved in other Fedora projects:

Simo Sorce
Steve Milner
Matej Cepl
and many others.

SCM choice (git/bzr/hg/svn): bzr

Project admin Fedora Account System account name: cnoffsin

Yes/No, would you like a Trac instance for your project?: yes

Do you need a mailing list? If so, comma-separate a list of what you'd like them to be called. Otherwise, put "no": fedoraAlliance-developers, fedoraAlliance-testers

Would you like commits messages to be sent to a list? Yes Which one? fedoraAlliance-developers @lists.fedorahosted.org

Very Short slideshow with the different proposed layers summarized

Project name changed Comlink

i've created a comlink project in trac with a bzr repo.
and a comlink-devel and comlink-users mailing lists

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