#2429 DB2 update
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by mmcgrath.

DB2 update is going to happen tonight. Basic plan here (still being worked on):

Increase disk space

Shutdown network, puppet.
Remove 8.3 puppet references -
Run backup.

/etc/init.d/postgresql stop
yum remove postgres*
mv /var/lib/pgsql/ /var/lib/pgsql.bak
yum -y install postgresql84-libs postgresql84 postgresql84-plpython postgresql84-pgpool-II postgresql84-server postgresql84-contrib
/etc/init.d/postgresql initdb
puppetd --enable
puppetd -t

postgres -f /home/fedora/mmcgrath/global.sql
time pg_restore --use-set-session-authorization -d pkgdb ~mmcgrath/pkgdb.db
time pg_restore --use-set-session-authorization -d transifex ~mmcgrath/transifex.db

Looks like this was done.

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