#2308 Please add static repos in koji for dist-fx-updates-candidate

Created 7 years ago by nim
Modified 7 years ago

= phenomenon =
With the new no-frozen rawhide policy it is no longer possible to have easy early access to all the bits that are supposed to end up in alpha. It has become very difficult to do last-minute testing of the changes queued for release.

= reason =

They are grouped in a tag no repo exists for, and cherry-picking changes by url from koji is time consuming, inefficient, and unreliable (if you miss the koji notification for a package you'll
have no idea that your testing of related packages is probably already invalid).

= recommendation =

Therefore, I request the creation of a static repo for dist-fx-updates-candidate, just like the existing dist-rawhide tag

(bonus points if static repos are created for debuginfo packages so abrt can actually decrypt traces in case of crashes without half an hour of manual debuginfo downloading)

the repos in koji are a side effect of buildroots. there is no simple way to add repos for random tags. this is something we will not be adding.

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