#229 Mirrormanager cron jobs
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by mmcgrath.

After the change freeze is done we need to get the mirrormanager cron jobs in puppet. It is my fault they are not.

app3 has 2 jobs, app4 only has 1.

The scripts are now set to run from puppet. Puppet places them in the user's crontab so /srv/tg/mirrormanager/update-each-server is set to run on app4 in apache's crontab.
update-each-server and /usr/local/bin/mm_backup are set to run on app3.

Matt would you like to check that they're running correctly?

THanks for doing this. It's close. app3 needs to run the update-datbase cronjob too please.

I can set this up:
/srv/tg/mirrormanager/update-database >> /tmp/mirrormanager-update-log 2>&1

but I'm not sure where it's presently being started from. I don't see it in a crontab or /etc/cron*. Do you know where the current job needs to be disabled?

it was in /etc/cron.d/mirrormanager on app3, but it's gone now. It should be run as user apache at the top of every hour.

Cool. For some reason I kept seeing that as commented so my eyes kept skipping over it.

update-database is now added to apache's crontab on app3.

looks good, closing, thanks for setting this up.

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