#2285 Please update Transifex on t.fp.o to 0.9
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We should update to version 0.9 asap. It comes with many new features and some crucial bug fixes. Also having 0.9 would mean being in sync with upstream again. :)

You'll need to talk with the packager. He has not yet updated it. We just pull from the standard epel repo. We just did a round of updates last week, if it had been available we would have picked it up.

Diego, could you update packages in Fedora and EPEL?

The 0.8[1] and 0.9[2] versions introduced some features that might require changes on the workflow of the Fedora L10n.

For Example, on those versions no longer we have the Collection notion, now it implements Releases under projects. Teams notion also were implemented, but per projects.

To make it work for Fedora, we would probably need to create a Fedora Meta-project (replacement for Collections) and control all the translator access from there, using teams. For doing, it we need to (somehow) create a script to join people in the correct team (based on its language setting on FAS) of the Fedora Meta-project, once the translator do a login on Transifex.

What I'm trying to say is that, we need to do a deeper brainstorm on what we would like to do with the project/components/releases organization that we currently have on Fedora's Tx instance.

The new feature set of Transifex require (workflow) changes, a 'yum update transifex' won't work out of the box (some data must be entered for some organization) and the translators must be aware of those changes.

IMHO there is no real benefice on update it now, unless there is trouble with the current version.

Keep in mind the 1.0 version is coming with a worthier set of features for Fedora, to be worth an update.

[1] http://docs.transifex.org/releases/0.8.html

[2] http://docs.transifex.org/releases/0.9.html

Hi, we've decided to migrate to tx.net, and the migration is now being tracked by ticket #2605.

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