#2280 Updates and Outages for July
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= phenomenon =
Every month we do updates to the Fedora Infrastructure. In July we have a set of updates that will require reboots of all servers so that xen and kernel updates can be applied.

= reason =

Because you can't have enough outages

= recommendation =


Systems were updated on July 21st. Final updates and reboots will occur on July 28th. Telia was rebooted on Jul 22 so outage will not be needed for there.

Update plan for remote hosts will be:

ibiblio1: app5
ibiblio1: backup2
ibiblio1: ns2
ibiblio1: proxy4
ibiblio1: publictest2
ibiblio1: publictest3
ibiblio1: smtp-mm3
ibiblio1: torrent1

osuosl1: app01.dev
osuosl1: pkgs_stg
osuosl1: proxy6
osuosl1: publictest4
osuosl1: publictest6
osuosl1: publictest7
osuosl1: publictest8

serverbeach2: asterisk1
serverbeach2: collab1
serverbeach2: ns1
serverbeach3: asterisk2
serverbeach3: collab2
serverbeach4: hosted1
serverbeach5: hosted2

tummy1: proxy3
tummy1: smtp-mm2

bodhost01: proxy07

internetx01: people02
internetx01: proxy02


xen14: app01
xen14: fas2
xen14: puppet1

xen03: app4
xen03: autoqa01
xen03: cvs01.stg
xen03: fas1.stg
xen03: releng01.stg
xen03: spin01
xen03: sync02

xen04: bapp01
xen04: ns03

xen06: app01.stg
xen06: app07
xen06: fas03
xen06: ns04

xen07: app3
xen07: noc01.stg
xen07: value2

xen09: app02.stg
xen09: app2
xen09: db1.stg
xen09: memcached1
xen09: proxy1.stg
xen09: sync1

xen10: log1
xen10: memcached2

xen11: secondary1

xen12: db1

xen15: bastion01
xen15: db2
xen15: koji01.stg
xen15: value01.stg

xen05: bastion2
xen05: fas1
xen05: noc1
xen05: proxy1
xen05: value1

Updates for most servers were completed by 2010-08-02. Next major updates will be in September.

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