#2279 Temporarily give "dmalcolm" ssh access to cvs server for tomorrow's Python 2.7 mass rebuild
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by dmalcolm.

Sorry for not getting this request in earlier.

= Change Requested =
Grant FAS user "dmalcolm" (me) ssh shell access to cvs.fedoraproject.org from 2010-07-21 to 2010-07-27

= Reasoning =
I'll be performing a mass rebuild of python packages for the python 2.7:

According to jkeating, this process is significantly faster if I have shell on the server:
<Oxf13> dmalcolm: another thing we should do is make sure you can get a shell on the cvs server
<Oxf13> dmalcolm: then you can ssh in and do an export TMOUT=0 and let the shell sit, and make use of ssh connection sockets to re-use that established connection
<Oxf13> it'll reduce the amount of time it takes to do cvs actions significantly

Can this be undone now?

Can this be undone now?
Yes, though I'm not sure if it was ever done.

That's correct, we never ended up needing it.

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