#2265 Add FAS account name to planet users' entries
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by duffy.

= phenomenon =

Right now on Planet Fedora it is hard to identify who a given planet poster is. We don't enforce / require people to use their real name and sometimes they don't. We also don't have any link to what FAS account a given feed is coming from which has caused some confusion. It makes it difficult to contact posters sometimes.

= recommendation =

Can we add a variable to planet so that the FAS account name of a user could be displayed in the planet template file for planet Fedora? The end goal here is to have a link to the user's FAS profile from each of their blog posts so it's clear to readers who posted what and how to contact that user.

updated the planet config generator so it adds in fasname to each entry it sets up corresponding to the user where it was found.

you can refer to this variable in the templates with


This works just like channel_face works in the templates.
For example:
<TMPL_IF channel_face>

etc etc

have at it :)

you will want to test for channel_fasname b/c for some of the standard pre-set rss feeds that are not owned by anyone this value will be unset.

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