#2261 AWStats not producing reports
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by tobyheywood.

= Issue =

AWStats for the following sites hasn't produced any statistics for the month of July


= reason =

Assumed cronjob failure, but ultimately unknown at this time.

= recommendation =

Run the command perl awstats.pl -config=[config name for site] -update

Sorry this ticket got a lost - fedorahosted.org stats should be working right now, and I just pushed a fix that should get fedorapeople.org. The problem is that our log file names are not consistent over a few of our services - this will eventually be fixed as we make them all use our httpd puppet module.

(this means that fedorapeople.org should start showing up after one or two days, as logs take time to sync to our awstats machine)

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