#2234 request for resources: datanommer
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== Project Sponsor ==

'''Project Team (FAS Names):''' ianweller[[BR]]
'''Infrastructure Sponsor:''' ricky (toshio as secondary sponsor)

== Project Info ==

'''Project Name:''' datanommer[[BR]]
'''Target Audience:''' those interested in examining metrics surrounding the Fedora Project[[BR]]
'''Expiration/Delivery Date (required):''' 2010-07-31


datanommer will be an API to a database backend that stores raw data from different parts of Fedora (wiki, mailing lists, code repositories, etc.) that can be downloaded for further analysis.

'''Project plan (Detailed):'''

datanommer will be a TG2 application developed within this time frame, which will be a frontend for querying the underlying database. The database will be mongoDB, a NoSQL database written in C++.

Applications in Fedora will need to be set up to write data out that we want to make public to a log file. The log files would then be picked up in the normal manner for log files in Infrastructure and a cron job on log01 would insert the data into the database.

More info at http://ianweller.org/2010/06/10/datanommer-making-fedora-metrics-more-transparent/

A Fedora Hosted project has already been set up with a Git repo and mailing list.


2010-06-30: Have TG2 frontend finished. Have pymongo packaged for Fedora and EPEL. Hope to have mongodb packaged for Fedora and EPEL (current review request is at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=526567)

2010-07-14: Have TG2 frontend, mongoDB backend and log dumping/transferring/inserting on staging or publictest servers.

New implementation is completely and utterly different, will open new RFR shortly.

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