#2217 Fedora Insight: FWN new publication form tweaks
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by pcalarco.

= problem =

The textarea on the form for where the beat text is input is far too small.

= analysis =

= enhancement recommendation =

Please alter the textarea size so that it is at least 80 characters wide and 20 rows high. Thanks!

See the attached screenshot for how this currenhtly looks.

The other functionality that has disappeared along the way was
integration of the Xinhua javascript toolbar in the form UI. Simon had
put this in place at FUDCon Toronto back in December and it was really
useful for making things more aesthetically pleasing and consistent for
headings, bolding and embedded links. Could this be added back in?

The screenshot looks like a non-themed form, it looks quite fancy now on pt6.
The textareas size are configured from:
Admin Panel > Content tab > Scribite > Xinha > Width/Height

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