#2215 Fedora Insight: Content editors need access to adminpanel for publishing workflow
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by pcalarco.

= problem =

Currently when logging in with FAS credentials to pt6 instance of Zikula, I log in as a regular user, and my account screen does not have a link to the admin panel. Editors need access to this to get into the pagemaster admin and review screens in order to create individual beat articles for FWN, then aggregate these into an issue, and then publish these to the public-facing Fedora Insight UI.

= analysis =

= enhancement recommendation =

Several solutions are possible:
1) upgrade pcalarco to admin account until we have time to figure out if/how an editor role could have selective items from the admin panel added to their account; FI editors only need access to pagemaster;
2) alter the zikula skin so that it has a link to the admin panel, and let FAS user credentials determine authorization to access this; may involve creating another FAS group for zikula

Pascal, I added you to 'cmsadmin' which is the only elevated access group we are using for Insight currently. In the interest of not siloing too much in our early efforts, we are not using many different tiers of administrator access.

We do contemplate using several FAS groups over time, and tiering access. Currently the Zikula AuthFAS module doesn't support multiple groups in the current release, but it is possible and not too difficult.

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