#221 awstats cannot be displayed
Closed: Fixed None Opened 14 years ago by mmcgrath.

proxy3 cannot reach lockbox (where awstats exists) because lockbox is not on the VPN.

option 1: put lockbox on vpn

option 2: move logs and awstats to a different machine

Option 2 is the more permanent one since we really do want since we've got to rebuild lockbox anyway.

Paulo, if I gave you access to lockbox and another box which logs should go to would you have time / be able to set up our new logging server?

I've started moving awstats to log1. Initial results at http://publictest9.fedoraproject.org/awstats/. I ran into this annoying problem where somewhere along the line, all apache logs on log1 get a leading space added. Had to work around it by piping logs through sed, but it'd be nice to get that fixed.

I tried to put it into a puppet module. Not sure if I should have separated Fedora-specific stuff from the module or anything.

There's a somewhat long-running hourly cronjob (/etc/cron.hourly/awstats) that generates them on log1 now - might want to consider making that run less often.

Update to this: I think we're finding that httpd logs over rsyslog might not be the best/most common solution, so we'll be looking at switching log1 back to rsyncing logs over (then awstats reports on log1 should start being accurate again).

awstats has been switched over and repointed to log1 completely now. Since maps is moved over as well, lockbox can probably go away entirely now.

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