#22 Moderate emails to a FAS group members
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by glezos.

Sending an email to all the members of a FAS group is very convenient. For example, for the FLP, all translators are in cvsl10n so quick announcements could be sent there instead of creating a new mailing list for them.

What would be great would be to limit email sending to the members only to group admins or sponsors, so that we won't worry about leaks.

I've been giving some thoughts to this and I don't think its technically feasible in our current environment. Our mailing system has no idea about the accounts system other then the aliases that are set up. The improvements that would need to be made to do moderation outweigh the final outcome. Perhaps if our mailing system matures over the next year or two we can revisit.

Sorry :-/

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