#2151 Piwik - Website Analytics
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= Project Sponsor =

Project Team (FAS Names): sijis, gbinns

Infrastructure Sponsor: mmcgrath

= Project Info =

Project Name: Piwik

Target Audience: Websites, Infrastructure, anyone who is interested in fp.o and other website stats.

Expiration/Delivery Date (required):
Post F13. I expect to have a working example and some real test pages implemented in less than a month.


I'm looking for a complimentary tool to Awstats for our traffic count. Piwik (http://piwik.org/) seems to be what meets the criteria. It has exports, visually appealing, can give targets, closer to real-time, etc. This will be in coordination with the Search Engine Optimization effort (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Keyword_optimization)

Project plan (Detailed):
- install piwik and requirements (php, db) on pt server
- enable/use a test fedora site (maybe stg.fedoraproject.org)
- if this gathers data as anticipated, move on to a less critical site (spins.fp.o or talk.fp.o)
- decide if its worth putting in production / did it meet our expectations / useful? (compare against awstats results)
- do tasks necessary for that (rpm builds, space/usage requirements)
- deploy in production


- provide better tracking of website visitors
- at minimum, to be a compliment to awstats


I looked at Piwik for packaging but I'm afraid that Piwik has bundled libraries (PHP and JS):

  • Smarty
  • Zend framework
  • PclZip
  • PEAR::HTML_QuickForm
  • JSMin
  • CSSmin
  • Event (Symfony ?)
  • Sparkline
  • Open Flash Chart
  • for JS: jQuery and swfobject
  • others (IE stuff): CSS3PIE

Is this request still going to happen?
Or should we perhaps look at fixing up awstats?

piwiki looks nice, and I would love to replace awstats with something better... but until its packaged, this is a no go. ;(

It may be that the bundling could be fixed up... I've not looked closely.

Feel free to reopen when it's packaged up.

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