#2135 Enable the feature of translation file archives in Transifex
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by noriko.

= phenomenon =
Translators currently download files one at the time.

= reason =
Enabling this feature will save translators' time, helping team to build their translation memory, translators having slow internet connection, or translators working small multiple files of particular guide.

= recommendation =
There are five votes from L10N team.[[BR]]
Could you please discuss the possibility of enabling this feature, and provide translators precaution if any?




$ git diff HEAD^ HEAD
diff --git a/modules/transifex/templates/40-apps.conf.erb b/modules/transifex/templates/40-apps.conf.erb
index 8d22565..9093254 100644
--- a/modules/transifex/templates/40-apps.conf.erb
+++ b/modules/transifex/templates/40-apps.conf.erb
@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ ENABLE_SIMPLEAUTH=True

# Enable download of compressed zip/targz files in the Language x Release page
# For now it's dissabled by default until we find out a faster way to compact those files on fly

# Django-profile
AUTH_PROFILE_MODULE = 'txcommon.profile'

With the infrastructure freeze in effect and F13 GA on the way, it's understandable if we don't want to put this change in place right now. I think Dimitris' comment above indicates the translate.fp.o host would spend more time processing to make archives. But this change is needed for quite a few of the documentation modules since some of them have many dozens of PO files, which makes life harder for translators if they can't pull them all at one time.

This should be in place now. Please re-open if it is not.

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