#2131 Script to automatically process hosting requests
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= phenomenon =
mmcgrath proposed an idea that a script should parse tickets that contain requests for hosting, and automatically create the projects and all of the services that it requires.

= background analysis =
Currently, projects must be created manually, and we want to move away from this, and let the script do this automatically, barring user error (such as filling out the template incorrectly).

= implementation recommendation =
The script will be written using Trac's XMLRPC interface, and python's xmlrpclib. It will run on a cron, and query the XMLRPC interface for tickets beginning with "Hosting request". It will parse each section of the template for services needed, and activate the necessary services for the project. The script needs to be able to deal with a user incorrectly filling out the request template.

Just to update, still working on this, just rewrote most of the script to make it pretty. It now uses classes (a ticket is an instance of a class now, and a repo will be able to be created by calling Repo.git(), etc. Much more organized this way (using classes/OOP).

The latest issue (which mmcgrath said he is looking into) is that people who send requests need to be able to edit the ticket, if the script reports a parsing error. Errors will be reported using ticket comments, and users need to be able to corerct the errors, and reopen the ticket. The script will then check the ticket again, the next time it runs.

That's the latest.

What's the status of tool and where is it hosted?

We no longer have much need for this. ;)

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