#2092 Need to replace existing git repo
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= Change Requested =

I need to replace my git repo on fedorahosted:


= Reasoning =

...with a "new" git repo, which I have prepared for i18n (among other changes). I can use the same repo name, but must replace the existing one.

Is it possible for me to log onto a fedorahosted shell (at which host?), or is there some other way to achieve this? I have a FAS account of course (dsilas).

See email sent to admin@fedoraproject.org; see "Need to replace existing git repo"

I'm in #fedora-admin as perspectival. Thanks for any help.

Is there a reason you can't just commit the changes you've made to the current git repo?

Many changes made to the DG weren't based on/in the Fedora repo for various reasons, so the best solution is to replace it and go from there. It is not possible for me to commit those changes. Plus, we are using a new workflow based on the new repo.

If you put the repo you want in a tarball on fedorapeople let me know and I'll replace it. Come ping me in #fedora-admin.

11:23 < perspectival> mmcgrath: it works fine. Thanks!

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