#2009 Create RSS functionality for Fedora Insight content
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by pcalarco.

= problem =

One of the major benefits of moving FWN to a CMS is that we would be able to establish content syndication through RSS feeds, for Fedora Weekly News. This has been a long-standing desirable.

= analysis =

The basic functionality for republishing FWN through Fedora Insight is nearing completion, so we are turning now to non-critical but still important functional requirements. Simon Birtwhistle reports that there are several avenues for enabling RSS feeds in Zikula; we need to review these, decision and implement one.

= enhancement recommendation =

This is not a short-term need. It would be nice to have prior to production launch of Fedora Insight, but could easily come after that.

This is mostly complete. Simon worked on this 3/14/10 and Pascal checked the resulting feeds in Thunderbird and Bloglines, resulting in adjusting some relative URL issues in the pagemaster template. For now, there is an RSS feed available on publictest6:


For each pagemaster pubtype, we will likely want some template adjustment to create separate RSS feeds for each of those. Simon will work on the FWN RSS template next when he has time.

Packaging: We need the modified version of the RSS theme from /usr/share/zikula/themes/rss) packaged to replace what is provided in Zikula by default. hiemanshu should be able to do this as he has time.

"hiemanshu should be able to do this as he has time", meaning WHEN he has time, to work on this, as this could be misinterpreted as read.

This can be closed as basic RSS functionality now works. A new ticket that handles different RSS feeds from Fedora Insight has been opened:


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