#2000 RFR - A kerberos and ldap server available for participants of the SSSD test day
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== Primary Contact ==
Name: Stephen Gallagher [[BR]]
Fedora Account Name: sgallagh [[BR]]
Group: Fedora Packager CVS Commit Group [[BR]]

'''Infrastructure Sponsor''':

== Secondary Contact info ==
Name: James Laska [[BR]]
Fedora Account Name: jlaska [[BR]]
Group: Fedora Packager CVS Commit Group [[BR]]

== Project Info ==
Project Name: A test box running an LDAP and kerberos server for the 2010-03-04 SSSD test day [[BR]]
Target Audience: SSSD test day participants [[BR]]
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 2010-03-04 (this is the test day date) [[BR]]

A kerberos and ldap server available for participants of the SSSD test day

Project plan (Detailed):
We need both a kerberos and LDAP server available to test F-13 SSSDbyDefault changes. Specifically (provided by sgallagh):

We need Kerberos to be configured to authenticate the same users provided by
the LDAP server, and we want the LDAP server to ALSO be able to authenticate
these users. I'd also prefer it if the two systems could use different
passwords (e.g. kerberos users would auth with 'krbuserN' and ldap users would
auth with 'ldapuserN' so we could be certain of which auth mechanism was being

Provide the test day participants with an easy test environment.

== Specific resources needed ==

== Additional Info (Optional) ==
I've included Stephen and Jenny to the CC list of this ticket for further details that I may have missed.

Ok publictest9.fedoraproject.org is now available. You need to apply to sysadmin-test so you can get limited root privs for things.

I would like to help with this so let me know what things you are needing/wanting.

This request can now be retired, as the Test Day has come and gone.

Ok will decommission system so it can be built again.

system decomissioned. closing ticket (thought I did this before but I guess I missed the button.)

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