#1958 phpESP/limesurvey
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= Project Sponsor =

Project Team (FAS Names):ke4qqq
Infrastructure Sponsor:ke4qqq

= Project Info =

Project Name: Marketing_Research
Target Audience:Marketing/EndUsers
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): Fedora 14 FUDcon
Description/Summary:toss up phpESP on a pt instance to see if it will work for a survey solution for marketing
Project plan (Detailed):
Install phpESP on a pt instance by 5 Feb 2010
let marketing test and discuss. by 12 Feb 2010
If it works, package phpESP for Fedora by 17 Feb 2010
(then follow with additional work to move to stg and then prod.
Goals:have a survey solution for Fedora to use.

I'll act as the Infrastructure Sponsor for this.

Find a publictest instance to work on and update the relevant wiki page.

Just to keep things updated - this is on pt16.

Marketing has tried it out, and find it 'barely workable' and would like to work on limesurvey. Any chance I can use this same ticket and same pt instance and work on limesurvey? Or alternatively create a new RFR.

Thanks Nigel!.

updating this ticket a bit more:

23:24 < G> ke4qqq: go ahead
23:24 < G> ke4qqq: aka fine by me

changing title as well

FAmSCo is also looking for a long term survey solution on our infra so we can collect feedback from our community continuously. So far we have decided to go for limeservice.com when needed but unfortunately this also means that we'll need to spend some money on additional questions.

Closed - aging - won't fix. Please open new request with details if needed.

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