#1930 fedorapeople is down
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by mmcgrath.

Fedorapeople is currently down. The xen host it is on is also down.

I've notified the hosting providers but have not yet heard back.

This also seems to be taking fedoracommunity offline for reasons I don't understand yet.

From discussion in IRC, this is probably due to fedoracommunity attempting to read planet.fedoraproject.org and timing out.

Crap, and I just realized I forgot to add fedora community to the outage notification. It is presently down.

FYI, the latest on this is that there was a power outage in the colo lastnight where fedorapeople is hosted. It seems either the pdu or power supply (or both) didn't survive. they're working on it now.

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