#179 RFI for hosting capabilities
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This is a request for information on what hosting capabilities hosted.fp.org could offer to projects. With pyJigdo and Revisor we're setting these things up on our own, I was wondering what the Infrastructure team thinks of offering these, too. I hope you get a chance to discuss this ;-) I'm sure not all projects need this or want this, I'm not saying we do. Like I said, I was just wondering ;-)

  • Mailing lists (project-users, project-devel)
  • Plain /downloads directory for putting "upstream" tarballs and/or source rpms
  • Upstream website (other then Trac wiki?) <project>.fedoraproject.org?

Thank you in advance, and thank you for the services we're already getting from you guys!

mailing lists are planned and there's #142 for uploading tarballs. As far as project.fedoraproject.org that probably won't happen just because of management / security reasons. I'm hoping to get the official 'hosted' server sponsor soon. When thats done mailing lists should be quickly behind it.

#142 noted, project.fedoraproject.org or hosted.fedoraproject.org/projects/<project>/files or whatever it is going to be meets the most essential requirement of the request ;-)

Further comments on this. The mailing list stuff is a must and uploading tarballs was working for a bit but then I found out I'd broken something else so I removed it before announcing. I'll take a closer look at that soon. Also we probably won't be allowing other websites other than trac just for the sake of our sanity.

We're working on putting a more comprehensive list together of what will be provided in static pages at http://fedorahosted.org/ (you'll note a side bar)

As you can see from:


we are actively creating mailing lists for projects (although I'm not sure that it was ever announced). And I'm pretty sure that tarball uploads is working too. I'm going to close this ticket out. Please submit a new ticket and select component "Hosted Projects" if you'd like to have some mailing lists set up.

Cool (it has not been announced though -or I haven't seen it)

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