#1766 Expand conferencing documentation: Basic, Recording, Streaming, Legal
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= problem =


The conferencing page simply lists conference rooms, but says nothing about how conferences work or how simple they are to join. We also need additional instructions for the new functionality added at the Fedora Talk FAD. See next section.

= enhancement recommendation =

Update the conferencing page with instructions on how to:
1. Hold basic conferences and select rooms to use
1. Record a conference including required notifications
a. Automatic announcement at start of recorded call
a. Conference invite should include mention that conference will be recorded.
a. Conference facilitator should remind all participants that the call is being recorded once all participants have joined and the conference is ready to officially start
1. Stream a conference

As currently configured, recordable conference rooms are 2020 to 2029

recording/streaming architecture

Fedora Talk has been closed out as of 2011-05-05.

Closing this ticket as well. In the event it's revived, we can reopen this ticket at that time.

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