#1734 Icecast server for Fedora Talk Streaming Project
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= Project Sponsor =

Project Team (FAS Names): herlo
Infrastructure Sponsor: mmgrath

= Project Info =

Project Name: Fedora Talk Streaming Server
Target Audience: Those who desire to listen to streamed conference calls and such
Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 10/18/2009
Description/Summary: In an effort to provide streaming resources to the Fedora Talk conferencing application, I offered to provide a streaming server. To do this, I need a server that can be configured with icecast. See https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-infrastructure-list/2009-October/msg00080.html for more details.
Project plan (Detailed): I plan to have the server up and running, ready for configuration and testing by 10/20/2009 assuming I can get the server resource on or before the request date.
Goals: The goals are to configure icecast to broadcast both live and static streams (40 or so connections to start with) of Fedora meetings, townhall discussions, FUDCons, etc. The icecast server can scale with multiple instances on several servers, which may be necessary. We are targeting a single instance for now.

This is already in place iirc.

Closing this ticket.


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