#1723 talk.fedoraproject.org needs more content
Closed: Fixed None Opened 13 years ago by pfrields.

This ticket is filed for use in the upcoming [https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Fedora_Talk_2009_game_plan FAD Fedora Talk 2009].

talk.fedoraproject.org is missing information:

  • Ekiga setup screencast
  • Troubleshooting information
  • Better written web pages in some areas

This would be a good secondary target for the FAD. This ticket does not need to be claimed by the Infrastructure team immediately, but is here to track work for the time being.

Some updates have occurred on the talk.fp.o website repo (http://git.fedoraproject.org/git/fedora-web.git), however its not being published because its in master branch and currently only the content in f12-alpha branch is being displayed.

I took existing content from the wiki pages (1)(2) and updated it with what was already in the repo.

1 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Asterisk/Configure_voip_client

2 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Asterisk

Might want to put something like http://jons-thoughts.blogspot.com/2008/10/new-toys-are-cool.html in there, along with instructions/screencasts for various softphones (not just Ekiga) that we ship in Fedora.

Please include instructions for twinkle as well. I have found that to be a nicer app than Ekiga. And if they are selling something, they aren't as obvious about as Ekiga.

Please include expected use information, particularly in regard to appropriate use when using the POTS to SIP gateway feature.

Document an Emapathy SIP config as well

We've now got fully rewritten pages on tne fad-ftalk branch, including big-name FOSS clients (Twinkle, Empathy, Ekiga) and generic/IP phone clients, troubleshooting, and dial-in for people on POTS or mobile. I'm closing this ticket; if you're looking for something specific, please file a separate specific ticket.

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