#1669 the old favicon must die.
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The favicon.ico displayed at http://fedoraproject.org/ is correct. There are lots of our servers though (pt servers, planet, etc) that have bad favicons. These need to be fixed because they're incorrectly scaled and are the wrong colors.

Grouping together because we can, the smolt favicon needs to vanish. it shouldn't have one.

favicons in puppet: There are four of them.


-> not sourced anywhere


-> sourced in manifests/services/planet.pp

class planet {
folder { "/srv/planet/site/design/images":
source => 'system/planet/design/images/',
recurse => true,
group => 'web',
owner => 'planet-user',
folder { "/srv/planet/site/desktop/images":
source => 'system/planet/desktop/images/',
recurse => true,
group => 'web',
owner => 'planet-user',

-> included by manifests/nodes/people1.fedoraproject.org.pp

node people1 {
include planet

Side task? The name favicon.ico is href'ed by some html in puppet, not all of it on people1. We'll probably need to track down if that html is really pushed via puppet, too, or if it's just dead config.

people1 uses /favicon.ico (the default). It doesn't appear to use /images/favicon.ico. I can check <name>.fedorapeople.org aliases, but my expectation is that nothing uses the favicons in puppet.

Conclusion: Every favicon in current use has not been pushed by puppet (or at least not by the current puppet config).

Suggested resolution 1:
Push the standard favicon.ico into the document root of all web servers and let it be the default icon (i.e., no href at all). Exclude smolt (and others?) where the favicon should not be. Delete all current html references to favicon.ico and the icons they href.

Suggested resolution 2:
Point all relevant "shortcut icon" href's to http://fedoraproject.org/static/images/favicon.ico, letting puppet edit the html when it distributes it. Push the standard favicon.ico file only to fedoraproject.org. Delete all other favicon.ico files.

Personally, I favor #1. Deleting config to solve problems has a certain elegance to it.

Hey, thanks for looking into this. I would prefer the second solution, since that way, we'd only need to change the file in one location if we needed to change things again. This is currently what we do for the Fedora CSS for the most part.

So after a little more digging into FI, it appears that the html across all web servers comes from all over the place. Tracking down the all the places from which html content is replicated to edit it looks exactly like a nightmare. Here's a new plan.

Configure all the web servers to redirect requests for regex /favicon.ico$ to http://fedoraproject.org/static/images/favicon.ico. That covers all the web sites that default to /favicon.ico and all the web sites where the html has an href to another favicon.ico. No html editing required. Of course, it doesn't work if the html developer decided to call his icon something else. Worry about that only if it happened somewhere.

smolts.org is the exception. For that site, /favicon.ico$ gets a 410 "permanently removed" response.

Of course, fedoraproject.org is also an exception. Since everything would be pointing there, it doesn't get redirected at all.

Status update.

On proxy1..5:
smolts no longer has an icon
admin, blogs, docs, start, and translate redirect to fp.o for the icon

On people1:
fedorapeople (including .fedorapeople), and planet redirect to fp.o for the icon
.fedorapeople and ols don't load one, but if they ever did, they'd redirect

On torrent1:
spins and torrent should redirect to fp.o for the icon, but they don't (yet?)

spins and torrent work now, too.

Add more scope and re-open if needed.

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