#1665 Hosting Request : RTS (Rendering Test System)
Closed: Fixed None Opened 12 years ago by aalam.

Project name: '''rts'''

Project short summary: Rendering Test System for Rendering Engine with fonts

SCM choice (git/bzr/hg/svn): git

Importing from another SCM? If yes, which? NO

Project admin Fedora Account System account name: AALAM

Trac Instance? (Yes/No) YES

Mailing list(s)? If yes, list name(s) (e.g. foo-commits, foo-devel)? yes, rts-commit, rts-devel

Hey aalam,

Here's your repo info:

Project group: gitrts

Project owner: aalam

Git repo push:

$ git push ssh://git.fedorahosted.org/git/rts.git/ master

Trac instance: https://fedorahosted.org/rts/

Mailing lists: rts-commit, rts-devel

List owner: aalam@fedoraproject.org (you should be getting passwords for both lists shortly). I went ahead and set up rts-commit to be hooked to the git commits.

If you need anything else, let us know.

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