#1645 IPv6 breaks mirrormanager geolocation
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by cmadams.

= phenomenon =
With an IPv6 address for mirrors.fedoraproject.org, when I fetch a mirror list, it is in random order, with all global mirrors. I am in the US, with an IPv6 tunnel via HE in Ashburn, Virginia. On one request, I got a mirror in Brazil at the top of the list; the next had one in Russia.

= reason =
It appears that mirrormanager's geo-location lookup doesn't handle IPv6 addresses. I don't know if an IPv6 geo-location database is available.

= recommendation =
Add an IPv6 geo-location database to mirrormanager. If that isn't possible (or if it isn't possible right away), disable the IPv6 record for mirrors.fedoraproject.org.

the maxmind geoip databases have some IPv6 networks in them, but has far less coverage than their IPv4 list. This is unfortunate. we will probably wind up doing just as you suggest, but I'd like to work out any other kinks if I can.

Well, I just looked up my IPv6 address in Maxmind's IPv6 database (the free, country-only, edition), and it does return US. It would seem there's a bug with mirrormanager's use of it for IPv6.

I've removed mirrors.fp.o and download.fp.o from IPv6 records for now. maxmind has a separate ipv6 database, which I'll have to teach MM to download and use. :-(

Yeah, I was just looking at the MaxMind IPv6 database for my own stuff (hadn't really thought about it until now). The perl module I use doesn't currently support the IPv6 lookups, and it looks like the python module is the same.

MirrorManager 1.3.0 now has IPv6 lookup capability. This was put into production use tonight.

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