#1623 RFR: IPv6 Connectivity
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= problem =
no IPv6 connectivity to FI services
= analysis =
no IPv6 routing is available
= enhancement recommendation =

The benefit for Fedora of doing this has still not been clearly communicated to me. Why is this worth our time and attention to do?

mmcgrath - you hit upon the real problem with IPv6 - that there are few definable business drivers to cause any one group or site to implement it. The increasing use of NAT for client-side, reserving (few) IPv4 addresses for servers, has really extended the life of IPv4 beyond what anyone would have thought 10 years ago.

Direct benefits to Fedora that I can see:
MirrorManager could look at an incoming IPv6 address (as it does with IPv4 today) to do the netblock lookup and mirror auto-detection. MM is mostly plumbed to respond to IPv6 clients, but that can't be actually tested or put to use until the proxy servers (which front as mirrors.fp.o) are IPv6 capable. We have mirrors who can serve using IPv6, and who have put their IPv6 netblocks into MM, but that's useless ATM.
related - end users running private mirrors behind a DHCP IPv4 address have had problems using MM's netblock magic. This is mostly fixed now that I added A-record lookups, such that they can use DDNS to keep an A record current, and every hour or so MM does the A-record lookup to generate the netblock list. However, this leaves a gap of time between when the DDNS record is changed (DHCP address got changed), and when MM directs that traffic properly. Users with a static IPv6 address (by virtue of using a tunnel like sixxs.net or whatever) would not have this MM-imposed delay.

  • FireFox defaults to doing AAAA-record lookups first, then falling back to IPv4. This imposes a delay when it looks up a site that does not have an AAAA record. For myself, I tend to set about:config network.dns.disableIPv6 to 'true' when I'm on an IPv6-capable network, to avoid this delay. Net is, our site will come up faster in FireFox if we serve AAAA records.

  • GeoIP now includes IPv6 addresses. We could publish maps like we do for users based on IPv4 today, for IPv6, to show the usage/growth. Meh.

mdomsch: Ok, If you're convinced, I'm convinced. Let me know what you need and how I can help.

This is likely related to #1057

ibiblio1, proxy4 and ns2 hosted at ibiblio are now serving content over IPv6. Other datacenters don't have native IPv6 routing yet, so those are out.

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