#1615 Fedora Insight zikula instance request
Closed: Fixed None Opened 11 years ago by mchua.

Project Sponsor

Name: Mel Chua

Fedora Account Name: mchua

Group: marketing

Infrastructure Sponsor: ricky

Secondary Contact info

Name: Simon Birtwistle

Fedora Account Name: itbegins

Group: marketing

Project Info

Project Name: Fedora Insight

Target Audience: Information on this site will be primarily consumed by journalists (with help from Red Hat PR), users who are not yet contributors, and potential users - people who have not yet joined the contributor community. The secondary user base for consumption is the contributor community. The primary content authors will be Marketing, Docs, and News contributors.

Expiration/Delivery Date (required): 2009-10-13 (same as Beta public availability date for Fedora)

Description/Summary: Fedora Insight is a website that serves as a place to publish and share Fedora marketing materials in various formats. It makes it easy for users, developers, and journalists - people who aren't yet a part of the Fedora contributor community - to keep up with the goings on of the community without following a dozen different blogs and mailing lists.

Project plan (Detailed): See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight

Goals: See https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Goals

Specific resources needed: zikula instance with zikula-module-crpTag, zikula-module-News, and zikula-module-fedora-fasauth packages/modules installed, plus custom FI skin from Design.

schedule at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Schedule; currently waiting to upgrade zikula version in order to have the final setup ready to migrate to staging; blocking on #1633.

itbegins mentioned that RSS feeds are currently not being cached in the server. So it ispossible that we'll have enough subscribers to feeds to really hurt performance. We can probaby use mod_cache on the proxy servers to fix that. All the feeds will have "/Feeds/" in the url.

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